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Puppy Training

When adopting a new furry friend into your family, it can be one of the most exciting moments in both your and the pup’s life. However, your new puppy usually won’t come to your home with all the potty training and housebreaking knowledge that you want. For these reasons, it is important to teach them as soon as possible and call Good Foundations Canine Training’s dog training service.

Our puppy training can be taught in home, in public, or at our facility. We will be able to guide you on how to build a relationship with your new puppy on both a respectful and friendly level. Our mobile training sessions can come to you, wherever is convenient. With our dog training sessions, we can teach you and your pup different commands such as, sit, stay and lay down. We will provide you with the knowledge on how to properly walk your pup, so that he or she will know when to walk and when to heel. Our in home dog training consists of a multitude of services. For puppies in particular, our mobile trainer can come by your home and guide you on how to properly train your puppy the rules of your home.

Whether you need our mobile dog trainer for obedience training or puppy training, there is no one more equipped for this job than Good Foundations Canine Training. Contact us in State College, PA for a consultation today!